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Uniqueness. Durability. Quality. The attributes that describe our stone are also the ones our company strives to embody. All of our stone is hand picked from the fields of Central Montana and can be delivered to anywhere in North America. Dark gray, blue, green, orange, white, and black lichen make Montana moss rock, arguably the most colorful choice of  stone on the market. It  is perfect for architects and homeowners who want that rustic, mountain look; an appearance that is rich and genuine, unlike that of manufactured stone which is both repetitive and unnatural.

The lichen that makes our stone unique also has numerous ecological, economic, and scientific benefits. "Lichens are dual organisms, composed of two species living together in a mutually beneficial symbiosis. One species is a fungus, which provides a substrate and helps with mineral and water management, and the other species is an alga or a cyanobacterium which uses water and carbon dioxide and the energy of sunlight to photosynthesize and produce food for the dual organism."

"They trap dust, silt, and water," which makes the air we breathe more pure. "Lichens contribute to the nitrogen cycle by converting the nitrogen in the air into nitrates that contribute to their growth and development. Their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen is beneficial to other plant life as well."

Many animals use lichen for food or shelter, including a number of birds who use it for nesting material.  In the past lichen has been used to make artists' dyes. Its antibiotic properties have been used to create ointments, deodorants, laxatives, expectorants, tonics, and healing healing pastes. "Research with lichens around the world is suggesting these organisms hold promise in the fight against certain cancers and viral infections, including HIV."

Lichen is also "made available commercially to the floriculture industry for dried-flower decorative arrangements. These same materials are utilized by model railroad enthusiasts, architects, and others as miniature plant forms for their scale reproductions of new building concepts and old railroad towns."

The lichen found on our stone has been living for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Lichen has been used to date material that is less than 500 years old, because of the inaccuracy of carbon dating during this time period.

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